New Sale! Blade 450X Flybarless RTF Mode 2 RC Helicopter

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Blade 450X Flybarless RTF Mode 2 RC Helicopter


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A ready-to-fly 450-size RC helicopter - the Blade 450 X is powerful and performance-ready.

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Height 20
Width 20
Depth 40
Weight 3

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A ready-to-fly 450-size RC helicopter - the Blade 450 X is powerful and performance-ready.
  • Completely assembled and flight tested
  • Equipped with Spektrum AR7200BX flybarless control system
  • Powered by E-Flite 440H, 4200Kv brushless outrunner motor
  • New helical main gear and motor pinion included
  • E-Flite 35A S-BEC brushless heli speed control
  • Carbon fibre main blades 325mm in length
  • Solid, 80-durometer dampeners
  • Composite aluminum and fibre-reinforced swashplate
  • Comes with new Spektrum digital metal-gear cyclic servos and tail servo
  • CNC-machined aluminum rotor head block
  • Main shaft made from hardened steel and supported by triple ball bearings
  • Tail rotor with belt drive
  • Weighted tail rotor grips equipped with thrust bearings
  • Main frame and landing gear is lightweight and durable
  • Includes pre-programmed Spektrum DX6i transmitter, 4 AA batteries, E-Flite 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 30C LiPo battery and 3-cell DC LiPo balancing charger
An Exciting RC Helicopter Ready-To-Fly
A bold 450-size RC helicopter that comes ready-to-fly, the new Blade 450 X is an exciting opportunity. This performance machine builds upon the success of the original 450 X and is equipped with a lightweight airframe and a rigid head design. This head includes solid 80-durometer dampers and 325mm main blades made from carbon fibre. This is encapsulated by a rigid, CNC-machined lightweight aluminium head block. Blade have also included a new helical main drive system with a new main gear and motor pinion featuring helical shaped teeth to give you a quieter drive system. Precision and durability are also enhanced with new digital metal-gear servos for the cyclic and tail rotor control. These servos will give you great power and speed; allowing you to perform at your peak.
At the centre of this RC helicopter is the Spektrum AR7200BX Flybarless Control System, which combines a 7-channel DSMX receiver and BeastX 3-axis MEMS stabilisation in a single unit that only weighs 18g (0.5 ounces). This unit can be easily tuned using the transmitter it is bound to. Speaking of transmitters, the 450 X comes with a Spektrum DX6i included in the box. This transmitter comes pre-programmed and offers many great features including 10-model memory, 5-point graphic throttle curve, 5-point graphic pitch curve, gyro adjust, adjustable dual rates and exponential plus. There are also an extensive list of plane programming features so you can easily use the same transmitter with other Bind-N-Fly models. What's more, the 450 X has been flight tested with the DX6i included in the box, so all you have to do is charge the LiPo battery and you are ready to fly. Powering this RC helicopter is a great setup from E-Flite, featuring a 4200Kv 440H brushless motor, 3S 30C 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery and a 35A S-BEC brushless speed controller. Together, this power setup allows you push the barriers of 3D performance.
The 450 X has been designed from the ground-up for precision. The composite material swashplate is made from aluminium with lightweight fibre-reinforced material to minimise weight without compromising strength. The main shaft is made from hardened steel and features triple ball bearing support, covering the shaft's top and bottom drive gears in addition to the top of the frame. The stiff tail boom is made from aluminium and comes with carbon fibre supports to keep performance sharp. Blade have also added durable and precise thrust bearings in the tail blade grips to complement the efficient belt drive. The tail blades also come with specially-weighted mounting screws to increase the speed and precision of the tail response and minimise tail servo load. Complete with a stunning new canopy, the Blade 450 X is perfect for intermediate pilots who want a 450-size helicopter, but don't want to build one from scratch (if you would prefer the latter, though, we would recommend the JR Forza 450). Ready-to-fly and ready-to-stun, the Blade 450 X is a thriller. Order yours now.
What you Need:
Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box!